Saturday, 30 May 2009

Pillow Clenching

I still couldn't sleep...dammit. Damn him! He had got me all hot and bothered, his dirty fingers typing everything he wanted to do to me. How he wanted to thrust in and out of me while his pelvis rubbed against my clit. He wanted to look down on my face; eyes closed and mouth in a relaxed smile as if in the deepest bliss you can imagine.

Then he said he had to go to bed now, night baby. While his head rested lazily on his pillow, I was lying in my own bed, alternating between pulling the duvet over me and throwing it angrily away, so hot, so so bothered.

My hands started to wander, thinking about his weight on me, his head buried deep into my neck and his warm breath tickling it. I thought about him breathlessly whispering how much he wanted me - nay, needed me and how he wanted 'you to come for me, you dirty little girl'.

I wear nothing to bed, occasionally just my knickers and my hand was rubbing frantically against the soft black fabric, my clit becoming more and more engorged beneath it. I couldn't take this, I needed to come. I needed to feel my head grow dizzy with the sensation of my juices running out of me, to feel as if my brain had escaped my body, leaving me a thrashing moaning mess. They don't call it la petite mort for nothing.

I tore myself away from the bed and over to my wardrobe, where the vibrator was always hidden beneath a mound of unworn clothes. Who needs charity shops or eBay when they can be this functional?

I took the Rabbit ears, served to stimulate a girl's most sensitive area, against my swollen clit. There would be nothing else tonight. I just needed that relief. Now. As I slowly ground the slowly humming vibrator against my clit I thought of him again, only this time with his tongue making love to my pussy. I thought of him like this until my toes began to curl under me and my legs became gradually numb. I've always known from the way my toes curl when I am about to orgasm, I wrenched my head to one side, struggling to not moan out loud and clutched the corner of my pillow with my free hand, clenching tighter and tighter until I felt my sweet, slick juices flowing from me.

I sighed and fell into a deep sleep, my desperate desire a thing of the past.

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I'm a guy who stays in this sort of state most of the time because I am in what is essentially a sexless marriage. I could visualize myself doing the same thing only with my cock. It felt good both in my mind and for real.