Sunday, 31 May 2009

Unemployed in Summertime

'...don't need money cos we're young. I'll just stay awake till the morning, with make-up all over my face.' - 'Unemployed in Summertime' by Emiliana Torrini.

It has been uncommonly warm for England this weekend, so it really sucks that I have to study. However, I didn't do much of that this weekend, just lazed about with friends and revelled in the fact that I had an excuse to show my legs a lot.

Anyway, I realise my first post was without an introduction (but abundant in sex toys), so here it is: I am a 19 year old student from England who lives with her friends from University. I have been with my boyfriend (who will be referred to in this blog as Boyfriend...yes I'm THAT imaginative) for quite a while and the sex has been incredible from day one. He's always willing to try new things and given that I'm a curious little thing, I'm never one to pass up. I've been a sort of bystander in the world of sex blogging for a while now - always reading, never writing and I thought I'd give it a go. There are still so many things I've yet to experience and I'd love to document it for anyone who's vaguely interested.

I'm thinking of trying Half Naked Thursdays, although I'll need to do a gazillion crunches to even feel remotely confident in it (I'm such a frigging woman, it's painful). I'm also hoping that if I fail my upcoming exams due to being too busy taking photos I can show the photos to the exam invigilators. They're usually tweedy old guys, right?

On a non-naked (or half naked for that matter) note, I recommend people read this. It made me laugh one hell of a lot:

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